Friday, 20 April 2012

Storemen Talk: Volume One - I think I've seen you before

I welcome myself back here to blog-o-sphere a little longer than a two year hiatus. I did have a couple of blogs that I posted upon back in 2009 which I had to put on hold for no other reason other than the fact that I left a dead end 8-5 office job (To which I spent most of my time there surfing the net) in favour of picking up a myriad of fork hoist licences and moving forward into joining one of the elitest of the elite warehousing teams in the greater Auckland area.

So between 2009 and now I've picked up a little bit of experience, I can actually drive some pretty kick-ass machines and the physical nature of the job has had it's benefits to my health and fitness.

But what about feeding the mind you ask? (really you do)


Throw a group of men from varying cultures together in a room with no windows and you can bet your bottom dollar that the conversations that we come up with can delve from gentlemanly conversation one moment to the absolutely absurd the next.
Regardless the conversations never fail to be both entertaining and educational (to a degree), so I figure - Hey why not turn these conversations into blogging gold?

Today, the topic of conversation comes all the way from Egypt .As the story goes from the radio broadcast: An Egyptian man decides to waltz into an internet cafe in a bid to find a "quiet place" to log on to the net and enjoy the sights and sounds of the very vice that has taken the internet by storm - That's right you guessed it, PORN.

I know what you're thinking - who in their right mind would go to an internet cafe to do something reserved for what others may consider a more intimate affair. But I guess that it was his "first time".......ehem yeah right....So any abnormal behavioural patterns can be forgiven.

So anyway.... as it turns out, midway through his Uncle Doug he realises that the actress on screen that is indulging in the humpty dumpty with a generic beard - Is his wife of 16 years. What are the chances?

It is then said that the man collapses to the floor from shock - here's hoping he collapsed gracefully and with a little bit of dignity.
He then races home to confront his wife who (obviously) denies his accusations until he shows the video to her himself - I can only assume that he did this via a home computer, which adds to the confusion over why he would choose an internet cafe for a public fapping.

Feeling cornered his wife confesses to starring in the adult well as 11 other films WOWEE!!
She explains that the Egyptian Stallion in the video is her ex-boyfriend and they are still involved in an active relationship.
The Egyptian man claims that he had no clue up until that point and as far as he was concerned they were both happy.

To my knowledge that's where the story ends.

Left in awe, we merry men of the Warehouse were left pondering the conclusion. Putting ourselves in the same position as the unfortunate Egyptian man. What would you do? how would you react?

The obvious scenario is that the relationship ends, they split their investments in half and go their separate ways, and while some of us considered the possibility of an instant free hall pass to go off and do "whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander", I comprehended the situation in a slightly different manner:

I find that when you are seemingly content in your relationship it is best not to go looking for snakes (no pun intended) for you will find them. Its pretty clear that this man in question left the comforts of his home to take a risk in public so that he could give in to his perversions. He frantically types his keywords into the search engine and eagerly awaits his fantasy to appear on screen.

And Guess what? the thing that he was looking for was at home all along.

Sure, she was cheating but it begs the question that if you're happy, would you want to know? if you were happy would you want to want to light that fuse that would change everything you knew for the last 16 years in an instant?

Its a cruel world out there kids!

Take care of yourself - and remember: I before E except after C

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