Saturday, 5 May 2012

Storemen Talk: Volume Two - When did we stop listening to the music?

I think Seth Green ( as Dan Mott) said it best in the film "Without a Paddle" ( ) :

While listening to Boy George - Do you really want to hurt me....

"When we were kids, it didn't matter what the song was. We weren't wrapped up in what was cool and uncool. We just Listened to the music. It should be like that now. Just listen to the song, man."

It has become a habit lately at work to upload music from CDs onto our personal laptops so that we can listen to our own tunes while we're all busily driving our hoists rather than arguing over which radio station to listen to throughout the day.

Myself - I live the sweet sounds of rock and heavy metal. There's nothing better that I can think of that gets the adrenaline going more than a morning coffee and a heavy guitar riff paired with equally awesome bass slapping and drum bashing. A deep death growl is simply the cherry on the top.
While this genre of music is my weapon of choice, I'm happy to listen to whatever, if still fond of dance music depending on the mood and I'm as much a sucker for old school 80's hits as the next person ( and if you say you hate the 80's you're a liar ).

While I'm the only Vanilla face on the team you'd expect the rest of the team - The "Island and Indigenous" brothers if you will to be heavily into the "Hip Hop, RNB, and Gangster Rap" - Wrong. The oldest of the bunch  still believes that Disco never died and is Cool and the Gangs biggest fan this side of the hemisphere, while the second oldest shares my love for the rock music.
The younger two of the team - two stocky "don't mess with us" looking thugs are actually big fans of pop music, in particular: Backstreet boys, Nsync and lately Ugh One Direction.

So is it purely stereotypical to think that Rock is a "White" person music? and vice versa thinking that Rap is only for "Black" people?

The census in the Warehouse suggests not, it would seem like a good assumption and 9 times out of 10 I would say its a fair assumption, but there is always the exception to the rule.

So does Religion play a part in the music taste then?

In my opinion it does, the two of us in the warehouse with a love for Rock and Metal are the only two that don't have an active religious following nor have had a religious upbringing. And while the rest of the team listen to their happy / lively "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" music they go to church every Sunday with a clear conscience knowing that they have filled their heads with songs about love and not (as they always seem to believe) songs involving death, suicide, murder and the devil. Which is not always the case - It's just another stereotype that's been inflamed by the media.

On the flip slide, in my own ignorance (I'm guessing) I wonder myself why a 30 year old religious man be so interested in a group of 14 year old boys that have a target audience of 13 year old girls?

The mind boggles....

Just listen to the music man.......just listen to the music.

All worlds collide here in this video with Lionel Ritchie, Rob Zombie and Trina - telling it like it is.

If only there was this much understanding between the musical genres, there is greatness in them all.

What we need is a great big melting pot.....

Take care of yourselves and remember: Love is a battlefield


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